Wider Tear Drop Oval Silicone Breast Forms Breast Enhancers Fake Boobs


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Wider Tear drop shape that duplicates the natural female breast and movements.
The size chart is a general guideline and is not 100% accurate. Your desires may be very specific and may not be reflected in the size chart. Please contact us with your measurements and desired cup and we will help you find the best size. Soft life-like polyurethane skin that very quickly reaches your body temperature.

Measurements are approximate and may differ in size and weight by small margins.

M: ~600g a pair, 6.5″ x 6.3″ over the top, 5.3″ x 4.9″ across back, below 2.0″ protrusion.

L: ~810g a pair, 7.3″ x 7″ over the top, 5.7″ x 5.0″ across back, below 2.10″ protrusion.

XL: ~993g a pair, 7.5″ x 7″ over the top, 5.8″ x 5.5″ across back, below 2.2″ protrusion.

2XL: ~1185g a pair, 8.0″ x 7.6″ over the top, 6.2″ x 5.7″ across back, below 2.5″ protrusion.

3XL: ~1406g a pair, 8.5″ x 8″ over the top, 6.4″ x 5.8″ across back, below 2.8″ protrusion.

4XL: ~1580g a pair, 9.25″ x 9″ over the top, 6.5″ x 6″ across back, below 2.8″ protrusion.

6XL: ~1988g a pair, 9.75″ x 9.5″ over the top, 7.12″ x 6.5″ across back, below 3″ protrusion.

Silicone Breast Forms are not a one size fit all product. If you need help choosing the right fit, please email us your chest size, height, weight, and result you are trying to achieve so we can give you personal assistance.


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