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Best Valentine’s Day Lingerie gift

Valentine’s Day is on its way, which means that you’re probably making special plans with your partner. And while you’re hunting for an appropriate gift, selecting just the right card, and squeezing in restaurant reservations, there’s something else on your — and probably your significant other’s — mind: Valentine’s night. This year ramp up your evening with some lingerie that matches your style and your body type.
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Paulina Porizkova showing her Beautiful Toned abs and legs in her Lingerie and stocking in an Instagram post

In the photo, the 56 year old supermodel sits on her bed in a black bra with a matching stocking


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Women are beautiful at any age

She recently spoke about the ageism she’s experienced not just in the modeling industry, but also in her personal life.

“I was sort of getting relinquished to the invisible women category,” she said, per the Daily Mail. “It dawned on me that when you walk down the street when you’re a younger woman, it’s like every man passes you and goes, ‘Is she f—kable?'”

She continued, “And you think, hold on a second, I am actually a far more interesting person than I’ve ever been and this is where you don’t want to see me anymore because I’ve aged out of being physically appealing to you.”

Over years she has changes to a healthier habit, she has been keep up with workout routines like karate, kickboxing and pirates. She mentioned she didn’t start working out until she was 40!! So ladies out there, it is never too late to start “)

You Go, Paulina!!!!


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Care and Q & A’S For Silicone Breast Forms Prosthesis

Care and Q & A'S For Silicone Breast Forms Prosthesis

Care and Q & A'S For Silicone Breast Forms Prosthesis

Silicone Breast Forms are designed to stand up to the normal everyday demands placed upon them. If cared for properly and correctly, your breast forms should last you many years. However, take care not to puncture your breast forms with sharp objects such as pins, pet claws, etc; repair is not possible. The use of talcum powder, lotions, oils, and perfumes should not be used on or around breast forms and should be avoided.

You should wash it daily and stored in the box or cradle provided to ensure it remains in good condition as this will protect and maintain shape.

Many women/men find that wearing a prosthesis/silicone breast forms is a comfortable and natural looking way to restore symmetry following a mastectomy or surgery or to just enhance what they already have. With proper care and maintenance, a prosthesis will last for many years.

Care and Q & A’S For Silicone Breast Forms Prosthesis

How to Insert Breast Forms into a Mastectomy/Pocketed Bra

  • Hold the form by the edges with a flat hand so that the nipple is facing down
  • Spread the bra out on a flat surface with the inside of the bra facing you
  • Spread the elastic on the cup and slide the form in so that the nipple faces outward
  • Adjust the form so it settles into the bottom of the cup
  • Hold the bra up with the form inside the pocket to make sure it looks correct
  • Be careful not to puncture the form or fold it. ENVY BODY SHOP silicone forms are very durable, but the polyurethane skin can be punctured, and repeated abuse can alter the shape over time

How to Remove Forms Silicone Breast Forms from a Mastectomy/Pocketed Bra

  • Carefully slide your hand all the way into the pocket in front of the form
  • Stretch the pocket edge and pull the form out without folding the form

Try not to grab the side of the form with your thumb and forefinger to pull it out.  The forms breast forms are durable, but can be punctured.

How to Wear Silicone Breast Forms in Warmer Weather

Wearing the silicone breast forms inside the pocket bra keeps the prosthesis off the skin. This creates more ventilation to evaporate perspiration. Some women claim that a lighter weight prosthesis feels cooler. It is very important to wear a bra that supports the breasts and prosthesis and keeps them from resting on the abdomen, as constant moisture in this area can create skin irritation.

How to Use Double-Sided Tape for Silicone Breast Forms

ENVY BODY SHOP Reusable Adhesive Breast pads  or Envy Body Shop Exclusive Silicone Adhesive Breast Pads for No bra needed Breast Form

  • Peel the paper backing from one side of the tape and attach it to the form
  • Peel the paper backing from the other side of the tape
  • Hold the breast form over your chest and use a mirror to align it correctly
  • Press it firmly against your chest
  • When you are done wearing the form, gently peel it away from the chest
  • The double-sided tape should not leave any residue on your skin or on the form.  If you are having trouble peeling the tape from your skin or off of the form, use a little baby oil to help release the stickiness
  • Breast forms are always meant to be worn inside a bra.  The tape is only meant to help keep them securely in place
  • Wash forms with mild soap and water after using tape
  • Do not add tape on top of tape that is already on the form

Cleaning Breast Forms and Attachable Nipples

  • You can wash your silicone breast forms and silicone attachable nipples with mild soap and water
  • Any soap that is safe for your skin is safe for the breast forms’ polyurethane skin
  • Do not use solvents like alcohol or kitchen cleaning products
  • The silicone forms are totally water proof
  • Then towel dry and store in the cradle that comes with the box
  • If the form has a permanent cloth cover, wash as above.  Do not bleach.  Cover will dry overnight
  • Foam forms can be washed in the same way; hand wash with mild soap and water.  Pat dry with a towel.  Air dry
  • Always wash your forms after swimming
  • Make sure to rinse well enough to remove all soap or cosmetic residue as these may cause irritation

How to Clean Your ENVY BODY SHOP Lingerie

  • It is always best to hand wash and air dry lingerie and fabric covers so the garments retain their shape, elasticity, and the lace details are not damaged
  • Hand wash with laundry detergent, rinse, and hang or lay flat to air dry
  • Make sure to take out the silicone breast forms before you wash your bras and fabric covers
  • Wash padded panties and pads separately
  • Wash the same as lingerie items.  To avoid shrinkage, air dry only

How to Store your Silicone Breast Forms

The best way to store your silicone breast forms is back in the box or cradle it came in.

I had a Lumpectomy, Breast Conserving Surgery or Reconstruction. Is Silicone Breast Forms Right for Me?

The ENVY BODY SHOP breast enhancers may be the item for you, made of the same high quality silicone, shaped like breasts, in plain nipple or brown nipple. Also available are plain round pads, which can go over a breast area that just needs a little more fullness in front or on the side to provide symmetry. Silicone nipples and silicone nipple covers and small pad enhancers are also available.


Helpful Tips for Silicone Breast Forms

  • Avoid punctures in the polyurethane-film-covered forms.  Silicone breast forms can be damaged by sharp objects such as jewelry, pins, needles, or even sharp fingernails
  • Avoid repeated pinching or folding of the forms (especially when inserting into pocket bras).  This may cause permanent misshaping over time.  It is important to stretch the elastic of the pocket in the bra rather than folding the form
  • Avoid using your thumb when pulling a form out of the pocket of a bra.  Slide your whole hand into the pocket when removing the form
  • All silicone forms are safe in water, but avoid hot tubs and spas as they may be affected by the heat
  • The warranty covers manufacturers defects only, not customer abuse
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How to Create Cleavage With Small Breasts

The right amount of cleavage can create a flattering, sexy look. Although women with larger breasts often have an easier time creating cleavage naturally, with a little effort, it is possible for women with smaller breasts (even A or B cup ) to show some cleavage as well.

1) Pick the right size of bra. A good bra supports and lifts your breasts, and this will increase the amount of cleavage you can show.

2) Pick a bra with underwire. Underwire bra supports the breasts and gives them a slight, natural lift. Bra without an underwire is not helpful on creating cleavage.

3) Pick the right bra inserts/breast enhancer pads. These usually come in fabric, silicone, or foam, and can add a little extra volume to your chest.

Silicone bra inserts (sometimes called “chicken cutlets”) come in a wide variety of styles and sizes that fit comfortably inside most bras. Silicone inserts will look and feel the most like a real breast.

Silicone breast pads:

Check out Rachael Ray on TV :
Look Your Best at the Beach with 3 Swimsuit … – Rachael Ray Show

Envy Body Shop Silicone breast pads were recommended by Rachael Ray on TV.
Envy Body Shop Silicone Push Up Breast Pads Secret Weapon

Envy Body Shop Special Triangle Silicone Push-up Breast Pads Inserts
This smaller triangle style silicone breast enhancer is perfect for bikini swimsuit.

Fabric and foam inserts feel less realistic, but are soft and can help create the appearance of an ample bosom.
Envy Swim Shaper Full Cup Molded Foam Push Up Pads

4) Pick a push-up bra. A push-up bra has a little extra padding at the bottom of the cup, helping to naturally enhance your bust line.
If you are looking for an extreme push up effect, for example, from a A cup to a C cup effect, try a push up bra with above silicone breast pads to create maximum result. Pick the breast enhancer that is slight thinner if you already wearing a push up bra :


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Wear Your Lingerie Outside in Public

Heart Pattern Fishnet Teddy MAP-8190

Lingerie is normally an intimate clothing reserved for the bedroom, so openly wearing lingerie out in public seems unheard of. However, there are ways to incorporate lingerie with other kinds of clothing to look appropriately, comfortably, and fashionably.

Wear a slip dress with skinny jeans.

Source, Styles Weekly


How about a slip dress with a sweater?

Source, Styles Weekly


Look daring with a black lace short sleeve top with a white mini slip and a strapless black bra.

Source, Styles Weekly


Find more examples at Styles Weekly.

Here are some products we recommend would work well with a nice skirt, pants, or shirt.

Mix and match your lingerie with your favorite clothing for that head-turning fashion this spring.