ENVY BODY SHOP Crossdressing Perfect Silicone Hip and Butt Pad

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Length: Approximately 15.4″
Tall: Approximately 9″
Hip & Buns Enhancement: Approximately 4″
Create the perfect curves with the Perfect Silicone Hip and Butt Pads

For those that need extra adding to their buns as well as the hip area these new ENVY BODY SHOP Hip Pads and Butt pads are a great addition to the Perfect Hips line.

ENVY BODY SHOP Silicone Hips and Butt Pads are 100% soft silicone made to enhance your hourglass figure by adding realistic feminine hips.

The silicone hip pads adhere directly to the skin’s surface and can be used over and over again.

They have a shorter leg tail so can be worn with shorter skirts and they obviously have fuller coverage in the buns area for bum enhancement.Simply wash with warm water and mild soap after each use.


  • Sculpted from the same realistic silicone compound as the ENVY BODY SHOP Perfect Silicone Hip Pads. Each Butt Pad has a self-adhesive quality which means most wearers only need the assistance of a good strong panty or control top pantyhose to keep them in place. For added security then use Hollister Medical Adhesive for peace of mind and if not wearing pantyhose on top.

    ENVY BODY SHOP Perfect Hip and Butt Pads are made from 100% high grade silicone with no foam or filler added. They are perfectly sculpted with realistic graduated edges so that the join to the body is seamless to give a round, fleshy and realistic feminine shape in the hips and the rear. For those girls needing added buns as well as hips then this product will help give you your ideal hourglass figure.
    Simply wash with warm water and mild soap after each use.


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